Travel Funds

If you travel now and then, it can be a good idea to have a UL card loaded with travel funds that you can use. With travel funds you get a discount on single tickets, and it can be used to pay for a number of people.

Here you can either load an existing card, or order a brand new card. It is possible to load any amount between SEK 500 - 4000.

Here are the current prices for travel funds.

Charge travel funds

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Charge existing card

Be sure to enter the right card number. UL cannot reverse travel fund top-ups sent to an incorrect card, so take care when filling in the number.

When topping up travel funds, the minimum amount is SEK 500 and the maximum is SEK 4,000.

Travel funds on new cards

Minimum charging amount is 500 kronor and the maximum is 4,000 kronor. There is an additional charge of 20 kronor for the plastic card itself. 


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