Period tickets

As a business customer, you can order period tickets here. UL's period tickets are valid for travel with city buses, regional buses, Mälartåg between Uppsala-Sala, Uppsala-Gävle and Uppsala-Arlanda/Märsta, as well as the SL train between Uppsala-Knivsta-Arlanda.

For young people (ages 7-19), there is a 30-day leisure ticket. It is valid on weekdays from 14:00 to 04:00 and around the clock on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

The summer ticket is valid from 1 June to 31 August, around the clock.

UL + X-trafik
For journeys within both UL and X-trafik's area (Gävleborg county) there are combined UL+XT tickets. The combined UL+XT tickets are available with validity UL+XT Gävle city, or UL+XT County. The combined tickets that can be ordered here are available for adults, youth and student.

Here is more information about traveling between UL and X-trafik

Tickets and prices

Ticket Adult Discounted
7 days SEK 410 SEK 290
30 days SEK 1,030 SEK 720
30 days leisure   SEK 380
90 days  SEK 2,780 SEK 1,940
Summer ticket SEK 2,060 SEK 1,440
30 days + XT Gävle City SEK 1,425 SEK 905
30 days + XT Gävle County SEK 2,190 SEK 1,285

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