School card

Lost or damaged school card?

Registration of lost card

Registration of lost card here

The card will be blocked and the registration can not be cancelled. You can not make a new report within 14 days after your report.

Note that you/the child’s name must be on the postbox or door in order for the new school card to reach you. It is your municipality which submits information to us about where the card should be sent.

If your card is damaged?

Should the card stop working you/your child can obtain a “damaged-card-receipt" from the bus driver, which is valid as a ticket for a maximum of seven weekdays. Make a report and order a replacement card as soon as you can.

If you have lost your card?

If you/your child loses the card you must report it and order a replacement card as soon as you can. A new card will be sent to you at your official registered home address within seven weekdays. During the time you must pay for your tickets yourself.

Christmas and New Year 

We don’t send out any replacement cards during Christmas and new Year. All notifications will be received and sent by post in the first week of January.