School card

Contact Your Municipality

The rules for school travel and whether you/your child is entitled to a school card is decided by the municipality you live in. If you have any questions about the entitlement to a school card it is the municipality of residence that you should contact. See contact details below.

This is how the process works: Before school starts in August your municipality makes an order to UL. We then send the school card at your/your child’s official registered home address before the first day of school. For smaller orders e.g. in the case of a change of school we will send out the school card within seven weekdays.  

Municipality Phone E-mail
Enköping 0171-62 50 00
Heby 0224-360 00
Håbo 0171-525 00
Knivsta 018-34 70 00
Sala 0224-74 70 00
Tierp 0293-21 80 88
Uppsala  0771-727 001
Älvkarleby 026-830 00
Östhammar      0173-860 00