Disturbances in UL traffic

We have continued traffic disruptions due to staff shortages at our transport companies. The situation is serious and the issue has the highest priority with us. We are working intensively together with our transport companies to return to a functioning, stable and safe public transport that everyone can trust.

UL has developed a priority system for bus traffic. It means that trips to and from the county's schools and trunk lines with many passengers are prioritized to run. This is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to travel with our public transport. In order to reduce the consequences for individual travelers, our goal is not to cancel several trips in a row on the same line.

Information in the travel planner

We publish information about current traffic changes in our travel planner at and in the UL app as soon as we receive it, but sometimes the information comes to us from the transport companies very late.

Tip! In the UL app, you can subscribe to disturbance information for selected lines. You will then receive push notifications in the app if the bus or train risks being more than 20 minutes late.

Information for our train passengers

Changes to the train timetable may occur and sometimes at short notice. We ask you as a traveler to keep yourself updated on the situation. Information about train departures in UL traffic can be found in Mälartåg's and UL:s apps as well as here at and For sj trains, information is available at Current traffic information is also available at

Delay compensation

If you are traveling on a UL ticket and are more than 20 minutes late to your destination due to a traffic disruption, our delay compensation applies. With it, you have the right to be reimbursed for alternative means of transport such as your own car or taxi. Even if you are not going to pay, you can apply for the delay compensation and get all or part of the ticket price back. Read more about the delay compensation.

We again regret that you as a UL traveler are affected by this situation, but want to be sure that we see the problem and work hard to create a better situation, so that you can plan your trip and day in a good way.