Purchase conditions, direct debit

When traveling with UL and using UL's products, UL's general terms of purchase and travel apply. When paying via direct debit, the following conditions also apply.

1. Purpose and application of the conditions
These terms apply to UL’s direct debit and regulate the issues that may arise between UL and its customers concerning direct debits.

Direct debit is an ongoing agreement between UL and the customer in respect of payment by and use of direct debit.

2. Direct debit
Direct debits can be taken out by people who are registered in Sweden. Direct debits can be taken out by filling out the form “Consent for payment by Autogiro Privat". In this way the customer is registered in UL’s customer register. UL treats all personal data in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Direct debit customers consent to UL saving data including personal identity number in UL’s customer register and to using this to administer UL’s card. Direct debit customers thereby automatically have a loss guarantee and can report their card as lost and get a new one.

The direct debit applies from the selected starting month. A ticket that is paid via direct debit starts on the first of each month and the form must reach UL no later than the 15th of the month before the ticket will be started. The customer pays the relevant price for the first 10 months, months 11 and 12 are payment-free. For pensioner tickets payment is for 12 months.

3. Customer liability
Direct debit customers undertake to immediately inform UL about any change of name, address, or bank account. A special form or web form is available.

4. UL’s liability
UL reserves the right to make any price adjustments during the direct debit period. UL reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the conditions. If a price adjustment takes place the customer must pay the new price.

5. Validity
The direct debit ticket is transferable and can be used by others than the card holder. The pensioner ticket can only be used by persons who are 65 or above or who are entitled with a certificate from the Swedish Pensions Agency or Försäkringskassan. However, only one customer can travel on the ticket at a time. The tickets are transferable and valid for unlimited travel in the zone concerned.

6. Payment
The customer pays monthly in advance through an automatic withdrawal from the customer’s bank account. Payment takes place on the 27th of each month (or next subsequent banking day) and payment relates to the following month. If the bank account does not have enough coverage on the day of the withdrawal, three more automatic attempts will be made in the following banking days.

If funds cannot be withdrawn from the account a reminder invoice to the customer for manual payment of the relevant amount. If this happens 4 times during a 12-month period counting from the starting month, the direct debit will be terminated after the fourth time. If the payment does not reach UL within the set time the direct debit will be stopped, and the ticket blocked from the following month.

7. Stop/renew
Customers who want to stop their direct debit must notify UL before the 15th of the month before, or cancel their consent before the amount for the relevant month is withdrawn. Therewith it is also possible that the free two months will be spent. In order to become a direct debit customer again and get a new ticket, a new order must be made. Customers may not suspend or freeze their direct debit.

UL is entitled to terminate a direct debit at the end of the next subsequent month if the costumer breaches UL’s purchase conditions.

8. Other

Refund of withdrawal(s) is made only in the event of death or in special circumstances, in connection with termination of the direct debit, and if the ticket has not been used during the period. Refunds can only be made for whole, non-initiated months.